Race Pro

Race Pro

RacePro is a easy-to-use Race Management package for various types of races
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  • Can I use Race Pro over ODIN?
    There is nowhere specified if it's recommended to use Race Pro over Odin. If the products are from the same field of work, it's possible to use Race Pro but in case they're two different products, the compatibility will be reduced to 0. The best way is to test both applications to see which one is working better. No information is provided on the Internet about Race Pro or Odin. You can contact your reseller or local sales person. He should be able to recommend how to use the applications or which one is good for your business.


RacePro is a software package targetted toward race organizers who need a way to run races with several lanes and any number of participants.
A large screen display is ideal for large displays so that racers can see the current racers, who is up next, and who is in the lead. You can load and save races at any time, customize to your organization, and use various hardware devices in your race such as light trees and solenoid start gates.

RacePro is ideal for Pinewood derbys, boat races, or any event in which you have many racers and only a few lanes. You can download the demo for free and see if RacePro is the solution you've been looking for.

Main Features:
- Unlimited number of racers
- Custom reports and awards
- Supports many electronic timers

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